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Admissions Policy

The Admissions Policy is intended to reflect the Mission Statement of the School, the Education Act 1998, the Education (Welfare) Act 2000, the EPSEN Act 2004, the Education (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2007 and related legislative and regulatory requirements.

Mission Statement:
Glenamaddy Community School dedicates itself to providing an holistic education where the potential and uniqueness of each student is fostered and celebrated.  With our Educational Partners we strive to create a caring environment of mutual respect, where each individual is cherished and nurtured to a personal, intellectual and moral maturity.  We find our inspiration in the Christian message of faith, hope and love.

Operating Context:
The Admissions Policy is prepared within the context of the parameters of the guidelines, regulations and programmes of the Department of Education and Science.


Glenamaddy Community School is inclusive in its enrolment and offers equal rights of access to all pupils, subject to the availability of a place and its capacity to meet the educational needs of the applicant, without distinction on the basis of sex, race or religion.  All courses and subjects at Glenamaddy Community School are offered equally to boys and girls.


The Board of Management welcomes pupils with disabilities and students with Special Educational Needs.
The Board of Management may require an assessment to establish the educational and training needs of the child and to identify the support services necessary.
Parents / Guardians of pupils with Special Needs must provide the school, in advance, with the following information:

1. Details of the disability or special educational need.
2. Copies of Psychological Reports & Educational Reports if available.
3. Details of the Medical Condition (if applicable).
4. Details of Resources provided in Primary School.
5. Special Resources or supports required or expected in Secondary School.
6. Any other special facilities required.


A. Admission from Primary School:

• Admission will be dependent on the following:
• Pupil must have completed a full course of primary education.
• Pupil must be aged not less than 12 on the 1st of January in the calendar year following the pupil’s entry into 1st year.
• Acceptance of the School Code of Behaviour.
• Places being available in the year group and class group.
• Ability of the school to respond to the student’s needs.

B. Transfer of students from other Post Primary Schools:

The Board of Management recognises a student’s right to education.
On this basis applications for transfer from other post primary schools are normally only considered where the following conditions are met:

1. The applicant’s presence is unlikely to adversely affect the education of the pupils already enrolled in the school.
2. The applicant has no previous history of substance abuse or of the distribution of such substances,
3. The applicant has never seriously harassed/assaulted/bullied other pupil or staff member in his previous school(s)
4. The applicant has not previously in a serious manner hindered the educational progress of other fellow students i.e. persistently interfered with the teaching and learning and infringed the rights of others to proper educational provision
5. The subjects available are suitable to the applicant and the applicant is willing to attend classes in all curriculum subjects provided for the class group he is joining.
6. There is sufficient space in the class (i.e. using the maximum class size guidelines).

Before completing the official Application Form all applicants for transfer from other Post primary Schools must provide details of:

1. Reasons for transfer.
2. Report on attendance, punctuality and behaviour in transferring school,
3. Copies of all school and State Examinations Commission’s Examination Results.
4. Furnish a letter from the Principal of the transferring school to support the application.

In exceptional circumstances however the Board may at its discretion give consideration to an application in respect of a pupil excluded / suspended from or requested to leave another post primary school provided it considers that the applicant is likely to benefit educationally from such a transfer and where the current pupils are unlikely to be adversely affected by the admission of the applicant. Any admission approved in such a case will be conditional on the Board being satisfied with the undertaking given to abide by the Code of Behaviour and the likelihood of the applicant behaving in a proper manner in future.

The School must be satisfied with the reasons for transfer.

Decisions will be made within 21 days of receiving the completed Application Form.

Parents/guardians will be required to follow the normal registration and confirm in writing that they accept the school’s Code of Behaviour and will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that their son /daughter will abide by that code.

Contact with the Education Welfare Officer will be made where necessary

If the student has Special Educational Needs or has had resource time in his/her previous school, parents/guardians will be asked to submit details as in section 3 relating to enrolment for First Year students with special educational needs.

The Principal in consultation with the Deputy Principal and relevant Year Head or Programme Coordinator will make a decision on applications subject to the usual rights of parents/guardians to appeal to the Board of Management.

All transfer students will meet with Guidance Counsellor and School Chaplain as soon as possible after registration

Admission of students transferred will be subject to the approval of the Board of Management.

C. Mid Year applicants:

Mid year applications will normally only be considered where families are relocating to the school catchment area.
Applications for transfers in to examination classes will be dissuaded, where alternative arrangements are possible, because of the likely negative impact on the examination results of the student.
The following procedure will apply to Mid Year applicants:

1.The applicant fulfilling the conditions outlined in the Admissions Policy.
2. The school being satisfied with the reason for the transfer.
3. The school being satisfied that the transfer is in the best interest of the student and that the applicant’s presence is unlikely to adversely affect the education of the pupils already enrolled in the school.
4. A place being available in a suitable class with appropriate subject choices.
5. Consultation with the Education Welfare Officer (if appropriate).


All applicants will be required to complete a standard application form.  This form will request basis data as follows:

• Name
• Address
• Date of Birth
• Sex
• Names, address, telephone numbers of parents/guardians
• Religion (If applicable)
• Emergency telephone numbers
• Name of medical doctor
• Relevant medical information/conditions


In accordance with the Education (Welfare) Act 2000, Section 20, before registering a child as a student at the school, the parents/guardians of the child will be provided with a copy of the Code of Behaviour and will be requested, as a condition of admission to the school, confirm in writing that the Code of Behaviour is acceptable to them and that they shall make all reasonable efforts to ensure compliance with such code by the child. Such acceptance of the Code of Behaviour will be requested at the beginning of each subsequent school year.


The Board of Management reserves the right to refuse enrolment to any student in exceptional cases. Such an exceptional case could arise where either:

A.The student has special needs such that, even with additional resources available from The Department of Education and Science, the school cannot meet such needs and /or provide the student with an appropriate education, or

B. In the opinion of the Board of Management the student poses an unacceptable risk to other students, to school staff or property.

Any such refusal to admit a student may be appealed by the parent/guardian to the Board of Management in the first instance, and thereafter to the Secretary General of the Department of Education & Science under Section 29 of  the Education Act 1998.

Reviewed and ratified by Glenamaddy Community School Board of Management February 2010



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