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Partnership with Parents Policy

Scope: Whole School-Parents

Relationship to school mission statement:

The mission statement states:

"Glenamaddy Community School dedicates itself to providing a holistic education -where the potential and uniqueness of each student is fostered and celebrated. With our educational partners we strive to create a caring environment of mutual respect, where each individual is cherished and nurtured to a personal, intellectual and moral maturity. We find our inspiration in the Christian  message of faith, hope and love."

This policy states the facilities by which Parents/Guardians, as our educational partners are involved in the education of their children. While the word "parent" is used in this document, this also includes the guardian of a student, whenever appropriate.


Partnership is a working relationship that is characterised by a shared sense of purpose, mutual respect and a willingness to negotiate. This implies a sharing of information, responsibility, skills and decision-making. The purpose of this policy is to clarify the lines of communication already in place and to assess areas for further development.


  • To affirm and support the role of the parents as the "primary and natural educators" of their children.
  • To promote a positive relationship between parents and teachers in their respective roles as educators.
  • To have two-way communication that is jargon-free and meaningful between parent/guardian and the school in relation to school programmes, practices and pupil progress.
  • To state the current channels of communication between school and parent/ guardian.   
  • To identify areas for further development.

Policy content:

Established procedures and means of communication with parents:

  • Direct contact through Parent-Teacher meetings and notes in School Journal are the primary forms of communication.
  • Discipline/academic communication takes place through Year Heads, Deputy Principal and Principal.
  • Further contacts, where there are particular concerns, is generally through the Year Head, who may refer to other personnel e.g. Chaplain, GUIDANCE Counsellor, LS/SEN Co-ordinator, subject teacher, Principal or Deputy Principal.
  • Areas of particular responsibility for Pastoral care that provide parents with additional support: Home School Community Liaison, Chaplain, Guidance Councillor and Learning support team.
  • By appointment where it is deemed necessary by school management or parents

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • The school has an open policy to all parents' involvement in the education of their children.
  • The school engages in policy formation in consultation with parents.
  • The school supports the development of parents as educators through the provision of classes/courses e.g. parenting courses or those requested by parents.   
  • The school provides support to parents in the role of primary educators such as advice on the learning practices which can be carried out in the home, the provision of facilities such as homework club, input from Educational Psychologists and other support units.
  • The school works in partnership with parents in the development of Individual Educational Plan (lEP's) for students with special needs or learning disabilities.
  • Parents: Parents' Association provides a voice for parents. It assists in including parents in meaningful school decisions as well as encouraging parental leadership on important school issues.


To respond to changing needs and circumstances, this policy is open to review and evaluation on an on-going basis.



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