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Major Success in School Playwright Competition


In early May, John Croghan and Katie Brady, two Transition Year students, attended the final of the All-Ireland School Playwright Competition. The competition is in its fourth year, with its popularity growing annually. This year, there were a total of 111 entries from all over the country. The final was held in the famous Dean Crowe Theatre in Athlone.

Neither John nor Katie had experience in playwriting before this competition, but both had been informed they had made it into the final six in the country – a major achievement in itself.

The award ceremony was held in the main theatre hall, in front of a large crowd consisting of students, teachers and drama enthusiasts.

After speeches from actors, actresses and the leading figures in the competitions organisation, the awards were presented.

The awards for finishing sixth and fifth were presented to the respective winners. It was then time for Glenamaddy Community School to have its first success of the day.

Katie Brady came in fourth in the national competition, a huge achievement for her. She was presented was a plaque, along gift vouchers and other prizes.

Third and second place were then presented to students from Athlone Community College and Sacred Heart Secondary School, Tullamore.

After much anticipation and waiting, the winner of the All-Ireland School Playwright competition was announced, and Glenamaddy had another victory.

John Croghan, with his play ‘Yearning’, was successful in winning the national competition. This was a wonderful achievement for the student and also for the school. He was presented with a glass plaque, a frame and many other prizes.

His play was then performed in the theatre to the whole audience. After this, John talked to the media, where he appeared on the RTÉ show, ‘News2day’. This can be viewed on RTÉ Player.

Overall this was a tremendous day for Glenamaddy Community School, especially for the two students involved. It is a major achievement for two of our students to finish in the top 4 in the country.

If you have any interest in reading Katie’s or John’s play, do not hesitate to ask, as they will be very happy to give a copy to you.


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