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Course Outline

The main topics covered in the Junior Cert course are:

Health and Safety in the workshop

Production of Metals eg. steel, etc.

Information about tools eg. files, hammers, etc.

The parts and working of machines in the workshop eg. lathe, drill

Heat Treatment eg. hardening and tempering of chisel

Methods of joining eg. threading, soldering, brazing

Project Work

The projects involve the use of the tools and machines. The artefact is first drawn and then students are shown how to manufacture the product. All projects are geared towards the ability of the student. In their third year all students must present a designated final project for assessment by the Department of Education and Science as part of their Junior Cert marks.


The Higher Level is made up of two practical sections(designated project and bench test) and a theory section. Each practical section is awarded 150 marks with the theory awarded 100 marks.

In Ordinary Level there is only a project and theory. The project is awarded 300 marks and the theory paper is awarded 100 marks. 



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