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Agricultural Science
Course Outline

Topics covered in this subject will include the following:


Animal Production

Crop production

Animal Health



Animal and Plant Physiology

Project Work

Practical/Course work is made up of the following:

Farm Diary

Farm Plan

3 Mini-Projects on crop, animal and grasslands


I.D. exam of Plants and Animals


This is worth 25% of the total marks in this subject. 


Exam paper in June worth 75% consists of:

One paper which is 1 ½ hours long

6 Questions to do

60 marks – question 1

48 marks per question

Eternal Choise in Q3 and Q8

Format usually the same each year

Q.1 mixture of short Questions

Q.2 Soil

Q.4 Experiments

Q.7 Genetics

Q.9 Scientific explanation 

Other question can come from any part of course. 



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