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Level 2 Learning Programme


What are Level 2 Learning Programmes and who are they meant for?

It is designed for students with particular special educational needs who currently can’t access the Junior Certificate and will be aligned to Level 2 of the NFQ. The Level 2 Learning Programmes (L2LPs) and qualification are targeted at a very specific group of students who have general learning disabilities in the higher functioning moderate and low functioning mild categories.

  • It is envisaged that as far as possible the students under consideration here who are in mainstream settings will undertake their L2LPs in mainstream classes. Of course, there may be occasions when small group or one-to-one teaching is more appropriate.

Occasionally there may be a student undertaking L2LPs for whom recognition of learning in one or two subjects at Level 3 is also accessible.

There are 5 key areas of learning known as Priority Learning Units. Each Unit is broken down into Elements and these elements are further broken down into Learning outcomes.

The Learning Units are interconnected, overlap and interlink

A portfolio of evidence has to be created.

Grading is on the basis of ACHIEVED.

Gathering evidence can be worksheets, audio, photograph, video, artefacts etc.

Each unit focuses on developing the social, personal and pre-vocational skills that prepare students for further study, for work and for life.


How does it work?

A student takes:

5 PLUs




Wellbeing (PE +CSPE+SPHE)


Rewarding Achievement in L2LP

Evidence of learning gathered in the L2LP will be presented for the JCPA (Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement)

Assessment of PLUs and 2 Short Courses are School based

JCPA will be issued by the school

2 curriculum components will feature on the certification

PLUs Priority Learning Units

2 short courses

Ongoing reporting through the school’ s regular reporting system


5 Priority Learning Units


1. Communication and Literacy

2. Numeracy

3. Personal Care

4. Living in a Community

5. Preparing for Work


Each unit is broken into elements and each element is further broken into learning outcomes.

A student must achieve all the elements and a majority of the learning outcomes in each element.


Elements of the PLU Communicating and literacy

Speaking appropriately for a variety of purposes and demonstrating

attentiveness as a listener

Using non-verbal behaviour to get the message across

Reading to obtain basic information

Using a range of writing forms to express opinions

Using expressive arts to communicate

Using suitable technologies for a range of purposes


Elements of the PLU Numeracy

Managing money

Developing an awareness of number

Developing an awareness of temperature

Developing an awareness of weight and capacity

Developing an awareness of length and distance

Using a calculator

Developing spatial awareness

Using data for a range of different purposes

Using shapes

Developing an awareness of time


Elements of the PLU Personal care


Developing good daily personal care

Developing healthy eating habits

Developing a healthy lifestyle

Being able to manage stress

Knowing how to stay safe

Becoming aware of one’s sexuality

Recognising emotions

Making personal decision


Elements of the PLU Living in a community


Developing good relationships

Resolving conflict

Using local facilities

Seeking help and advice

Making consumer choices


Elements of the PLU Preparing for work


Being able to set goals for learning

Finding out about work

Preparing for a work-related activity

Developing an awareness of health and safety using equipment

Taking part in a work-related activity


For further information www.jct.ie/l2lp/l2lp 



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