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West Side Story

For this school year's musical, Ms. O'Flanagan decided to produce 'West Side Story'. Auditioning for the 2nd years, TY's and 5th years began in August, and by early September the musical was casted and rehearsal could begin.

Ms. O'Flanagan, along with all of the cast, stayed back after school hours on many occasions to rehearse scenes and songs for the musical. A lot of dedication and time had to be put in by all involved. A dance instructor came to the school to teach students moves for some scenes. Everyone was enjoying rehearsals and eagerly awaited show time. As the weeks got closer, that meant more rehearsals, and longer rehearsals. There was great anticipation and a buzzing atmosphere as the show was just around the corner.

The first performance came along, a matinee for local national schools, on Wednesday October 26. The cast and crew finally had their hard work paid off. It was a great performance to get the show underway. There were two more matinees on Thursday and Friday, as well as 3 night shows on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. There were some outstanding performances from the cast and everything ran very smoothly. Every audience had only good things to say about the show, it was a huge success!

I'd like to say a huge thanks and well done to all of the cast and behind the scenes crew. The students for their fantastic performances and hard work, Luke Mannion for producing the DVD, Ms. O'Neill for the costumes, Nigel and Mr. Frain for constructing the set, Ms. Burke and Ms. Clerkin for their input the whole way through, and especially Ms. O'Flanagan, the mastermind behind it all!


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