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The Career Guidance Counsellor in the school is Ms. Hardiman. She aims to meet all students from First Year to Leaving Certificate, either individually or in class, each school year. The Guidance Counsellor adopts an "open door" policy in relation to meeting with students, teachers, parents/guardians and management. Priority will always be given to students in crisis.

Fifth Year: Students have one Career Guidance class each week. They can make appointments with the Guidance Counsellor when necessary. Fifth Years complete DATs (Differential Aptitude Test) during the school year. Students are encouraged to attend "Past-Present-Future" to help with subject choice. It is held in the school in September every year.

Leaving Certificate: Students have one Career Guidance class each week. All students have individual meetings with the Guidance Counsellor, once in the first term of school and throughout the year as the need arises. Leaving Certificate students and their parents are encouraged to attend the many career related events held in the school. Leaving Certificate students are taken to "Option's West Careers Exhibition" held each year in Galway.



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