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Some of the topics covered at juior cycle are;  

The Human Habitat—Processes and Change

Population, Settlement Patterns and Urbanization

Patterns in Economic Activity-Primary, Secondary and Tertiary

Practical or Project Work


A  proportion of the total marks may be allocated to the Field Study option.  Those who avail themselves of this option may be exempted from answering part of the examination paper.


 Two assessment modes –Terminal Examination  and Field Study (optional)

Terminal--Students are examined at one of two levels, namely Ordinary and Higher. There  are  two examination papers, one for each level. Both papers consist of:

Section One Folder –20 multiple choice type questions (20x3 marks) Recommended time 30 mins

Section Two-Answer 3 out of 5 given questions (3x30 marks) Recommended time 90 mins.

Field study option as above





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