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The following are the main topics covered in the Leaving Cert course:



Testing of Materials

Equilibrim Diagrams

Heat Treatment



Project Work

There is a continunity of projects from Junior Cert with more emphasis on accuracy and design. Students would also make past Leaving Cert bench tests in preparation for their final tests. In their final Leaving Cert year they must produce a designated project in both the Higher and Ordinary Levels as well as sitting bench test.


The Higher Level is assessed by students producing a design and make project which will give them 150 marks and also a 6 hour bench test which is also worth 150 marks. The design project is completed between the begining of November and the begining of March while the bench test is done the start of May.

In Ordinary Level, a different project is completed in the same time frame and students will also have the same length bench test.

Both levels will also have a theory exam in June to make up the remainder of the marks.



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