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The full-time Chaplain in Glenamaddy Community School is Niamh O’Flanagan. She can be contacted through the office on the school number which is 094 9659315.

The Role of the school Chaplain

The school Chaplain is a faith presence in the school community, available to all students, staff and the wider community. She accompanies members of the school community on their journey through life. She responds to the spiritual and religious needs of the students and the whole school community respecting the denominational, religious and personal convictions of all.

The Chaplains liaises with the Pastoral Care team who meet regularly. She also works in close co-operation with the Board of Management, Principal, Guidance Counsellor, R.E. Department, teachers and students, families and the Local parish.

The school Chaplain exercises her pastoral role by:

Personal contact with individual students in the safe and secure environment of the Chaplain’s office. Confidentiality is always observed except in cases where a person or persons are at risk. A single meeting or a series of meetings may be offered depending on the situation where a listening ear is offered. Referrals are carried out if this is deemed necessary.

Provision of liturgical functions throughout the year.

Meeting individually with all 1st year students.

General response to the daily pastoral needs of the staff and students.


"The Chaplain is the focus for the spiritual and caring aspects of school life.  She should be a visible sign of God’s love and concern for all people.  It is part of her role to try to restore self-confidence to those who feel undervalued, respect to those who feel rejected and marginalized, peace to those who are troubled and faith to those who doubt the unconditional love of God.  For these reasons the Chaplain has few class teaching hours, and is available to students, staff and parents who are strongly encouraged to come and talk with her in confidence. Everybody has problems, but not everybody has a safe place available where they can speak of their problems and concerns.  The Chaplain’s room is designed to supply such a safe space and I hope that should the need arise, you and your children will feel free to avail of it in the months and years ahead."

Niamh O’Flanagan




Glenamaddy Community School, Church Street, Glenamaddy, Via Castlerea, Co. Galway, F45KF50 


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