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History at Leaving Cert level is less expansive in its time frame compared to the Junior Cycle course but focuses on certain period in history in more detail. The course is designed to teach the skills required in the modern workplace such as critical thinking and independent decision making. Students who chose history receive a more balanced view of human nature through the experiences of the past.

The course is divided into Later Modern Irish and Later Modern European history (1815-1993).  Each period contains 6 topics to be covered, with one topic chosen by the DES as a document based question in the exam for the proceeding 2 years.

Project Work

All history students are required to produce a research report on an issue that interested them within the boundaries if the course.  This project is done with the aid of the teacher and is handed up before the written exam with a weighting of 20%.


The higher and ordinary level history exams at leaving cert are 2hours 50 minutes long.  Students are required to complete the prescribed document question and 3 other questions.  The exam is worth 80% of the total marks.



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