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Home Economics
Course Outline

Home Economics focuses on the acquisition of knowledge and the development of skills and attitudes that enables students to take control of their own lives at present and in the future, whether that be in the home, in further education, in the world of work or other life situations.  The subject combines theory with practice.
The Home Economics course covers the following areas:

Food Studies

Consumer Studies

Social and Health Studies

Resource Management and Home Studies

Textile Studies

Project Work

Students will have 50% of their Junior Cert marks going for project work. Students will have regular cookery classes and sewing classes which aim to develop the skills needed for this project work.


Home Economics is assessed at both Higher and Ordinary Levels. The exam consists of written and practical elements.

Practical - Project - Childcare or Textile skills usually done in second year worth 15%

                Practical Cookery Exam usually done in thrid year worth 35%

Written Exam - Two and half hour exam at Higher Level or a two hour exam at Ordinary.

                 The written exam is worth the other 50% of the marks.  



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