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Business Studies
Course Outline

Business is part of a General Education. It forms part of the student’s personal and social development. It gives students an insight into managing money on a personal and national level as well as an understanding of the economic environment. It has many practical applications for students in their daily business ac­tivities now and in the future.

The Syllabus is split into 4 main sections,  that students study over 3 years:

  1. The Business of Living
  2. Economic Awareness
  3. Enterprise
  4. Information Technology

It leads on to Business/Accounting/Economics/Marketing and is also a great help for


Business Studies is assessed at both Higher and Ordinary levels.

Higher Level

Paper 1 consists of:

Section A - 20 Short Questions @ 4 marks each.

Section B - 6 Long Questions - answer 4 @ 40 marks each.

Total Marks for Paper 1 = 240 Marks.

Time Allowed 2½ hours.

Paper 2 consists of 6 Long Questions – answer 4 @ 40 marks each.

Time Allowed 2 hours.

Total Marks for Paper 2 = 160 Marks.

Total  Marks for both papers = 400 Marks.


Ordinary Level

One Paper

Section A 20 Short Questions @ 5 marks each.

Section B 8 Long Questions – answer 5 @ 60 marks each.

Time Allowed 2½ hours.

Total Marks = 400 Marks.




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