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Religious Education

The aim of Junior Cycle Religious Education is to provide students with a framework for encountering and engaging with a variety of religious traditions, especially
Christianity in Ireland and elsewhere.
The syllabus invites student to reflect on their own experiences of religion.  Their commitment to a particular religious tradition and/or their search for meaning will be encouraged and supported.
The course is divided into two parts:
Part 1: 
Communities of Faith
Foundations of Religion – Christianity
Foundations of Religion – Major World Religions
Part 2:
The Question of Faith
The Celebration of Faith
The Moral Challenge


Religious Education is currently offered as a non-exam subject to all students.         Students regularly complete exercises in class to consolidate learning.  Students are also given space and time to reflect and meditate in our Religion room and plans to complete the refurbishment of the Oratory are underway and expect to be finished for Sept 2011.




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