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Attendance Policy

This is a whole school policy and it applies to students, parents/guardians and school staff. In accordance with The Education Welfare Act 2000 this policy has as its purpose the promotion of maximum attendance by each pupil. The importance of regular attendance cannot be over emphasised as poor attendance affects all aspects of school life.
By law the school is obliged to report any student who has accumulated 20 days absences in a school year, regardless of circumstances, to the National Educational Welfare Board in accordance with the Education Act of 2000.

Through the collaboration of class teachers, tutors and in particular year heads we strive to maximise attendance among all students, paying particular attention to those at risk.


• To maintain and keep a register of student attendance.
•  To encourage regular, consistent and punctual   attendance.
•  To encourage parents to send students to school in all but exceptional circumstances.
•  To notify the relevant Education Welfare Officer of particular problems in relation to attendance.
•  To maintain and keep a register of student attendance.
•  To record all absences and reasons for absences.


  To attend school every day.
  To be on time and ready for class at 9.05 and to be punctual for all subsequent classes. 
  To report to the Office if you are late.
  To ensure that they are marked present in the official Roll Book ( If they arrive late  
 they must inform their Year Head)
  To have a note from parents/guardians that has been validated by the Year Head or Deputy Principal if they have to leave the school during school hours. In addition a parent or guardian must be present before the student leaves the school premises.
  To sign in at the Office if they return during the school day.
  To present a signed absentee note (and medical cert where applicable) during   roll call the following day.
  To make every effort to catch up on the schoolwork missed, in particular compulsory course work and exam projects


 To maintain a class register for each class.
 To collect absentee notes during the first period for transmission to the Office.
 To encourage and promote good attendance.


  To ensure that students attend school every day.
 To organize holidays, outings, shopping, etc outside of school time.
  To make medical appointments, where possible, outside of school hours.
  To notify the school in writing of all absences. This should be done on the day   the student returns to school.
  To inform the school, in advance, where absences are likely due to illness or exceptional circumstances.
 To realize that parents are always officially notified about school closures and that class continues regardless of the extra-curricular activities of some students.


 The teacher records all absences during first period.
 The student presents absentee notes to the teacher at this time.
 The Attendance Officer records all the absences on a central record, provides a daily list for the staff and notifies the respective Year Heads of absences .
 Year heads complete the roll books and retain the absentee forms.


  The Attendance Officer compiles report for NEWB and notifies them of accumulated absences of 20 days . Students perceived to be at risk may also be brought to the Board's attention.
 The Attendance Officer or Year Head contacts parents of students who were absent 15 or more days to discuss the matter with them.


   Informal monitoring on an ongoing basis by all staff.
   Management contacts parents/guardians where there is concern.


   Certificates of excellent attendance will be awarded at year group level.
   Attendance is recorded on school reports during the school year.





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