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1. Imaginative Composition or Still Life

The paper will consist of a descriptive passage which will be open to interpretation as either an imaginative composition or a still-life study. The paper will be made available to the candidates three weeks before the examination so that those who wish may collect any necessary objects mentioned in the said passage and which would be appropriate for the still-life groups. Alternatively, candidates who wish to make an imaginative composition will be given an opportunity to select a subject which appeals to them from any part of the descriptive passage, to consider in advance how they will treat it, and make preliminary studies and sketches

No preparatory work, however, may be taken into the examination hall. Candidates will be allowed to use any medium which may not be damaged in transit.


2. Craftwork

Candidates will be required to carry out a design in the actual material for a craft such as lino-printing, bookcrafts, hand-printed textiles, pottery, weaving, calligraphy, carving, modelling. All necessary materials must be provided by the school.

4. Life Sketching

Candidates will be required to make two sketches of the model. The first will be a pose of 15 minutes. The second will be a more fully worked drawing taking approximately 30 minutes. Colour may be used.

5. History and Appreciation of Art

Questions will be framed so as to test the general knowledge of historical development and visual appreciation. Opportunities will be offered for the expression of the candidates’ own opinions of works and visual problems. Answers to questions may be illustrated by sketches where these would be appropriate.

The fields of special study covered by the examination are as follows:-

Section 1 - Art in Ireland (from Prehistoric times to the present)

Section II - European Art (from 1000 A. D. to the present).

Section III - Under the heading General Appreciation it is intended to afford

candidates an opportunity to discuss topics based on every-day visual

experience in their own environment.

The examination paper will offer a wide choice of topics on each section or special field of study. Candidates should answer one question from each of the three sections of the paper. (2½ hours).


Art is examined at both Highet and Ordinary Levels. Candidates will be required to answer four papers in all as follows:


(a) Imaginative Composition or Still Life 2½ hours 100 marks

(b) Design 2½ hours 100

or Craftwork 5 hours

(c) Life Sketching 1 hour 50

(d) History and Appreciation of Art 2½ hours 150

State Exams

Leaving Cert practical Exams held in May(2 day exams)-Craft paper,Still-Life/Imaginitive Composition,Life Sketching

Art History for Leaving Certs held in June with other written papers.





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