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Thursday 25th of May saw the Graduation Mass for our Leaving Cert class of 2016/17. The cermony was held in our Sports Hall with parents, family, friends, staff, students and of course the class themselves in attendance. Fr. Cummins celebrated the last mass for these students in our school as they face into their Leaving Cert exams and then part on their seperate ways in life.

The evening started with the class entering the hall in pairs wearing their graduation gowns to music by our ensemble. Mr. Duignan welcomed all in his opening speech and wished the class well in their future endeavours urging them, as always, to look after each other. During the cermony, members of the class read or sang as well as bringing up gifts to the altar. Eoin Greally and Pippa Shaw same at communion which was well recieved by the crowd. Gerard Comer, as valadictorian, spoke on behalf of his classmates about their time in GCS, highlighting the up and downs, trips and events, the craic and the laughter. Finally Mr. Frain, the groups yearhead, gave a speech. In it he gave the memories he had of the group through their five or six years in the school. H finished by calling out the names of all students as they were presented with a bookmark from Mr. Duignan and Ms Hardiman. 

Finally a group photo of the class before they went their seperate ways.

Many thanks to all involved in making the night such a success; staff, students, parents and Fr. Cummins in particular for celebrating the mass.


View a slideshow of photos from our mass by clicking on the photo below


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