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November 2012




Welcome to the first newsletter of Glenamaddy Community School Parents Association 2012/13. It is hoped that this first edition will provide you with some basic and helpful information regarding the role and responsibility of your local Parents Association.


We are affiliated to the National Parents’ Association of Community & Comprehensive Schools (PACCS). PACCS was formed in 1983 to act as one national organisation for the Parents’ Associations of Community & Comprehensive Schools and was formally established on a national basis in October 1984. There are 92 Community and Comprehensive Schools with approximately 59,000 students in the country.

PACCS Mission Statement

PACCS aim to provide a national association for parents in the community and comprehensive sector, to promote the role of parents as primary educators of their children by providing an effective voice in educational development, ensuring consultation with and representation on appropriate bodies, and providing an informative and advisory service for its members.

Web address www.paccs.ie      E-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Role of Parents

Since parents are the primary educators, it is essential that their responsibilities to their children extend to their involvement in the education process. There is general agreement that parental involvement is essential to a child’s education. Research has shown that children’s achievement at school is importantly related to the degree of interest shown at home. Parents and teachers should act as partners in the education process.

Membership of the Parents Association

Our committee is elected every two years and is made up of two parent/legal guardian representatives from each feeder national school area. Officers are elected from this committee – Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, PRO etc. The biannual general meeting is normally held in September and is advertised via school and parish newsletters and in the local newspapers. The current committee and their contact details have already issued to you and are available on the school website. We would strongly encourage all parents to attend our general meetings and engage with their local representatives.

General Aims

v  To make parents aware of their role (rights and duties) with regard to the school

v  To inform parents about the school education of their children and to inform schools about parents expectations in that regard

v  To develop an active partnership within the education community and to ensure that parents are represented at all levels of the educational system

It is important to note that the PA does not act as a complaints forum in areas which are the responsibility of the Principal and/or the Board of Management. It is also not our role to act solely as a fund-raising organisation with no involvement in other matters of an educational nature.


Our meetings are held every three to four weeks during school-term. The Principal Mr. Duignan, is invited to attend for a specific period of each meeting during which he provides an update on school matters generally. This also presents an opportunity for the PA to raise any issues which have been brought to our attention and to engage constructively on educational and student related matters requiring the input of parents. Currently there is a huge focus on budgetary measures impacting on the school, the National Literacy & Numeracy Strategy, Junior Cycle reform and most importantly, concerns of a general nature for the well-being of all our students.


In recent years, much time and energy was devoted to the campaign to secure the new school. Currently, the PA is focusing its attention on a range of activities and events to support the students and staff in maximising the benefit for all of the magnificent facilities now available. Some examples of events and activities are as follows:-

  • School Mass – Members are invited to assist with and participate in the school mass held at the start of the school-year annually
  • Enrolment Night – The Chairman provided some general information on the role and responsibilities of the PA for parents of prospective first year students at the enrolment night held in the school. Committee members also assisted on the night with the tours, refreshments etc.
  • School Concert - Committee members assist as required with general arrangements, raffle, refreshments etc.
  • Seminars / Information Nights – A number of seminars and information nights have been facilitated for parents including ‘Health Initiatives for Teenagers’,‘Dangers while Driving’, the recent information/awareness raising workshop on anti-bullying and Health Awareness/Demonstration during the Personal & Social Awareness Week in the school
  • Ranganna Gaeilge – In a joint initiative with the school, the PA provides funding towards Irish classes, held after school and which are available to students, parents and the wider school community. It is felt that support in this area is crucial given the % allocation of marks in the State examinations to the Oral component of the Gaeilge exam.
  • Fund-raising– The PA is funded annually through a church-gate collection which is normally held in December. An average of €3,000 has been collected in this way in recent years. Core PA expenses are funded from this revenue. However, in the main, the funds collected are used to support the school ‘Student Fund’. Funding has been provided for
    • the instalment of hand-dryers in the school toilets (prompted by the swine-flu outbreak)
    • Ranganna Gaeilge referenced above
    • The refurbishment of the School Oratory
    • Expenses associated with student extra-curricular activity for which no State funding is provided and
    • Assistance with the book rental scheme.

The most recent completed fund-raising effort was the ‘Cash for Clobber’ campaign which was a great success. We are currently promoting the sale of the double DVD must-have souvenir of the hugely successful musical Back to the 80s.

Whole School Evaluation

The PA was invited to meet with the Department of Education & Skills Inspectors who earlier this year conducted a Whole School Evaluation (WSE). This provided us with an opportunity to reflect the views of parents generally as well as setting out the practical arrangements in place to facilitate communication between the school and the PA / parents. The Chairman was also invited to attend the post-WSE meeting.


The Parents Association enjoys an excellent relationship with the students, Principal, staff and Board of Management of Glenamaddy Community School. We are anxious to ensure that parents’ views continue to be listened to and represented as partners in education. Please contact us for more information or you can also visit the school website at www.glenamaddycs.ie

Howard Simpson        Ann Gunning        John Collins           Margarita Boyle                                              Chairman                    Secretary             Treasurer                     PRO



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