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Awards and Recipients

Public Speaking and Debating                                        Patrick Murray

Irish Public Speaking                                                     Keelan Davis

Best Actor                                                                    Thomas Conneran

Best Actress                                                                Rachel Finn

Arts and Entertainment                                                 Caoimhe Hurley

Choir                                                                           Helen Cunningham

Ensemble                                                                     Eve Cassidy

Youth Mass Contributions                                             Patrick Murray & Conor Smyth

1st Year Soccer                                                           James Egan

U14 Soccer                                                                 Colum Fallo

Junior Soccer                                                               Ross Connelly

Senior Soccer                                                              Michael Fox

1st Year Basketball                                                     Amy Mee

2nd Year Basketball                                                    Roisin Morgan

Cadet Basketball                                                         Megan Heneghan

Senior Basketball                                                        Lena Divilly

Handball Award                                                          Cathal Connelly

Athletics-Male                                                            Jason Egan

Athletics-Female                                                         Deirdre Dolan

1st Year Boys Football                                               Mark Dolan

2nd Year Boys Football                                              Keith Finnegan & Jason Egan

Juvenille Boys Football                                               Gerard Connaughton

Junior Boys Football                                                   Christopher Glynn

Senior Boys Football                                                  Cormac Rafterty

U14 Girls Football                                                      Rebecca Kelly

Junior Girls Football                                                   Mary Fahy

Senior Girls Football                                                   Megan Heneghan

Male Sports Star 2011/12                                           Gary Kelly

Female Sports Star 2011/12                                        Louise & Nicola Ward

Student of the Year                                                    Emma O’Toole

Collegian of the Year                                                  Beirne Mannion

Academic Award                                                        Karen Tracey



Glenamaddy Community School, Church Street, Glenamaddy, Via Castlerea, Co. Galway, F45KF50 


Telephone +353(0)94 9659315 | Fax +353(0)94 9659354 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

RCN: 20149543